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Fitness business cards

Does as much care go into your work as it does your business cards? When you meet someone they will judge you based on many different “tells”, which will include the business card you hand off to them.

Being a personal trainer is, well, very personal. This is why making a good first impression is very important, which can be even more difficult if you haven’t met your potential client yet which means your business card may be your first impression.

Read on for more information on how to make a good first impression.

Are you easy to work with?

You can appear more personable by including a photo of yourself on your business card, which will be more reassuring to a potential client if they can see who they would be dealing with and this also helps put a face to the name which can help build some instant rapport.

Offering a free trial or a satisfaction guarantee can also help enforce your credibility further if the person working with you knows that they have nothing to lose from giving you a chance.

Can you be trusted?

Do you have accreditation that shows people you know what you’re doing? If so then drop a mention of it in with your business card design. The same also applies to being first aid certified, since injuries can and do happen.

Dropping in other keywords such as “considerate”, “encouraging”, etc can also help generate positive reinforcement to the person you hand your card off to.

Who are you targeting?

Do you specialise more in weight loss for the elderly or power weight lifters? You can be a generalist, but niching down will make your business sound much more relevant to the person you’re talking to. In cases such as these you might want to tailor your business card according to who you’re targeting, so if one person wants to bulk up for example then you can focus the message of your card on selling points relevant to that, since the message you want to put across would be very different to someone who is after weight loss.

Below are some of our more popular designs: