5 Banner Materials and How to Use Them in Your Print Marketing Materials

From sporting events to birthday parties, banners are an easy and convenient way to deliver information. They are also incredibly versatile– you can choose from banners that hang on A-frames, banner stands, and adhesive banners, as well as regular hanging banners, pop up banners, and pole banners. 

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In order to keep your banner looking good for years to come, you must match the type of banner material to its intended use. Typically, banner materials range from canvas, polyester fabric, vinyl (PVC), mesh vinyl, or adhesive vinyl. 

Different Types Of Banner Materials

Since you’ll likely want your banner to hold up for years to come, sign material is an important choice. Here’s where each common banner material works best.  

Canvas Banner Material

When you need a banner for indoor-use, canvas is a great choice. The quality of canvas banners can last for years when used indoors. To preserve the quality of text and printed images, however, it’s best not to use these banners outdoors unless they’re protected from the elements.

The semi-gloss finish of these banners is an excellent choice for a high-quality, professional look. They have enough shine to stand out, but not so much as to cause reflection or glare. If you’re looking for a way to display high-resolution images and print, canvas is the right option.

Polyester Fabric Banner Material

Another banner material option for indoor use is polyester fabric. Polyester fabric banners are both durable and lightweight, so they’re easy to move around and use over and over again. This material gives photos a more realistic, sharper finish, too.

Polyester fabric is washable and very easy to roll up and store, even in small spaces where a larger banner or a different material may not store very well. Just be aware that these banners can tear, and over time the images and text may fade. But if you’re looking for a material that gives you an overall aesthetic that’s more expensive, polyester is the perfect choice.

Vinyl Banner Material (PVC Banners)

For outdoor use, vinyl is heavy-duty, tear-resistant, and more water-resistant than canvas or polyester. Vinyl banners are typically offered in a semi-gloss finish that’s super smooth, but you can also get them in a matte finish. If you’re looking for a banner you can hang outside without worrying about the elements, then any of the three types of vinyl banners are a logical option for you. 

Scrim Vinyl Banner Material

A scrim banner is the most common option for outdoor banners. Scrim vinyl is a substrate that’s incredibly strong, so it’s able to withstand extreme weather conditions that other banner materials cannot. If you want a long-lasting outdoor banner, a scrim vinyl is the perfect choice for you.

Vinyl Mesh Banner Material

Vinyl mesh banners allow sun and wind to pass through, making them extremely durable. Mesh banners are great for advertising along field and stadium fences because they don’t completely block out the view, while people farther away can clearly see the message or image on the banner. 

Adhesive Vinyl Banner Material

Anywhere with a smooth, adhesive-friendly surface is a good place for an adhesive vinyl banner. These banners are lightweight and usually hung on walls and windows, but can work wherever they can safely stick. These banners are usually smaller in size, but larger ones are also available.

The biggest benefit of adhesive vinyl banners is that they don’t need stands, poles, or grommets to hold it up. That provides more opportunity to use the banner in different locations, where poles or other ways of displaying the banner may not be feasible.

Printing Your Banners

If you’re looking for quality signage, consider which types of banner materials are right for your needs. Canvas and polyester fabric options work better for indoors, while the vinyl banners are good choices for outdoor use.

To print a high-quality banner, look to a professional printer with the banner blanks and inkjet printers needed to make your custom banner stand out. Try Banana Print’s online design tool, or upload your own design, and have your design printed and ready for use in 24-48 hours or less.

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