13 Best Business Invitation Card Templates

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

Corporate event invitations need to catch and keep the attention of your audience. Achieving this quality is a battle for many individuals, especially for those without prior design experience. Fortunately, a few expert design tips and some business invitation template examples will give you a solid foundation to create your own. Find out everything you need to know about creating a successful card below.

When You Need to Use a Business Invitation Card

Business invitations are an excellent medium for announcing big events. Some of the most common occasions include:

  • Openhouse
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Company picnic
  • Employee awards ceremony
  • Charity fundraiser
  • Special sale
  • Business partner gratitude dinner
  • Community support appreciation event

Opting for a traditional medium is much more personal and welcoming than a digital invitation. As a result, you’re likely to persuade more recipients to RSVP. This step is especially important when working directly with current or potential clients.

5 Tips for Creating Striking Corporate Invitations

Style and substance are key for eye-catching designs. The goal of the invitation is to attract attendees through impressive coloring, shapes, and typeface. A great business invitation template also embodies the atmosphere of the event that you’re planning in its design scheme.

With an invitation, you’re combining properties of other advertising formats. For instance, you’ll need the concise detailing of a business card alongside the impactful design of a poster or a leaflet. Follow these five tips to ensure your design educates and catches the attention of your audience.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

1. Include All Relevant Information

It’s important invitees are given all the information they need. Be sure to include the following:

  • Business name
  • Event title
  • Purpose
  • Location and time
  • Required attire
  • Contact or RSVP details

These details ensure guests know exactly what’s expected of them, such as arrival time and appropriate dress.

2. Be Concise With Text

Ensure the details you’re providing are clear to the reader. Don’t bog down the recipient in excessive copy or branding details. Instead, focus on the relevant information outlined in tip one and only include additional details that add value, such as a schedule, contests, or discounts.

3. Make It Easy to Read

As with most design mediums, white space is your friend. Don’t be afraid to add graphics, images, and patterns, but be sure there’s plenty of solid space for the text. This step ensures the finished product isn’t visually overwhelming.

4. Create Balance

While fluff is bad, at the same time, you don’t want to underwhelm your audience, or they may not show interest in your event. Find the balance between copy and graphics by trying multiple variations of the card before making a final decision.

5. Convey Event Type

The invitation also needs to set the atmosphere for the social gathering. For a company-sponsored picnic, a rustic or playful design is appropriate. If you’re planning a formal event, like an awards ceremony, opt for more high-end decoration and materials.

13 Examples of Excellent Business Invitation Template Designs

Get inspiration for your design with these beautifully crafted examples:

1. Geometric Color Pops

This double-sided print combines simple geometric shapes in bold colors for optimal visual impact. The bright shades are also beautifully balanced by the matte, cream-colored background. The artist perfectly displays how to utilize very minimalistic features to create an eye-catching finish, which is beneficial for anyone with limited graphic design experience.

Geometric Color Pops

2. Past Era Representation

In this design, the artist uses a typeface and design reminiscent of a past era, which beautifully suites the anniversary theme. They also create a timeline related to the organization’s history. For this feature, they rely on images to convey the majority of the message and only include a small amount of text. Such a stylistic choice is both eye-catching and easy to follow.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

3. Theme Infusion

Building your design around the event theme is a fantastic method to achieve an unforgettable card. Your guests won’t only be impressed, but they’ll be interested in what’s being offered. This example is also customized to each recipient, which adds that personal touch that draws a guest’s attention.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

4. Multiple Color Variations

This business invitation template showcases the aesthetic power of utilizing multiple color schemes. The design across all three options is the same in every aspect with the exception of color choices. While they’re striking when placed next to each other, they also provide a visual impact on their own.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

5. 3D Creation

Business invitation templates don’t necessarily need to be flat, and this example from Xavier Correa showcases exactly that. The impressive design stands out from other 3D creations because of its unique interior detailing. It also offers the benefit of folding down flat for easy shipment.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

6. Speaking to the Audience

You also have the opportunity to use more than one language on an invitation. The example above displays the effectiveness of using a single design to target multiple demographics. The invite also showcases minimal coloring in the logo and text, which is appropriate for the size and ensures all necessary text is readable.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

7. Origami Invite

Creative folds are an excellent way to make business event invitations more compact for shipping. However, once opened, the reader gets to enjoy the creativity of the project. The process of unfolding the material also reveals more information in an aesthetically pleasing and fun way.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

8. Boarding Pass Invitation

This invitation is designed to mimic the look of a plane ticket. The RSVP is even situation so that it has to be torn off to mail back. While this example showcases a wedding as the main event, it’s easily duplicable for a business gathering. The design works well for companies in the aviation industry as well as those throwing location-themed parties.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

9. Old-School Elegance

Simplicity is the foundation for this design. The placement and detail of the monogram lettering create a visual statement so you don’t have to create your own graphics. The background details show through to further enhance the aesthetic appeal without overpowering the display.

Customize the business invitation template 056 for free using our online design tool!

10. Tri-Fold Template

Opting for tri-fold arrangement offers room for more details. While you need to be concise with the information you provide, some occasions require more details to outline event schedules or historical information. For this arrangement, use a tri-fold business invitation template or opt for a folded leaflet template and customize it to your needs.

11. Pop-Out Artwork

This invitation serves as another example of the striking power 3D designs offer. Upon opening, the themed-invite pops out to create a multi-dimensional piece of artwork. The design also offers a throw-back vibe to another era, which is also reflected in the unique envelope.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

12. Playing With Shape

In some cases, you may want to enhance your design with unique shape cut-outs. This example uses a four-fold invitation design to create a three-dimensional effect. The back panel offers a traditional square format that provides all of the necessary event information. Such a layout minimizes the need for graphics and coloring because the visual power is in the cut-out.

Best Business Invitation Card Templates

13. Cocktail Hour

For this business invitation template, we’ve created a simple yet memorable design. The minimalistic detail and fun color palette set the mood for a festive evening of drinks, dinner, and entertainment. You also have the opportunity to customize this event invitation with ease using our design tool.

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