Best Fonts For Logos: 9 Memorable & Iconic Fonts and How to Use Them

Whether you’re starting a new business venture or going through a company rebranding, your logo is one of the most important parts of your brand identity. Your logo will appear on all your company materials, from flyers and folded leaflets to t-shirts and hats, so it’s very important that it’s absolutely perfect.  

There is a lot of pressure riding on your logo design; it must reflect who you are and what you do using only a graphic and font. This is why companies so carefully select these elements during the design process — and font is one of the most important choices a graphic designer can make. 

Why Do Logo Fonts Matter?

These days, people everywhere are constantly inundated with logos. They’re on billboards, on social media, product packages, posters in shop windows, and everywhere in between. And whether or not they notice it, these people form impressions about each of the companies attached to these logos… even if they’ve never had an experience with the company. 

Each font style carries a certain connotation, which can give us some idea about the organization behind it. This is why it’s so important to choose the perfect font for your company logo. 

The Best Fonts for Professional Logos

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is one of the most commonly-used fonts in the United Kingdom and the English-speaking world. This is mostly because this free font is the preferred font for university coursework, but its commonplace nature can be a great advantage for logo design.

This traditional-looking serif is widely considered one of the most trusted fonts in logo design. If your company needs to present an air of intelligence and trust (for example, a law firm or finance company), Times New Roman might be an excellent choice for you. 

Image: Wikimedia Creative Commons


In some ways, Helvetica is the younger cousin to Times New Roman. This font also reflects a highly professional, almost academic style, but the sleek, sans serif typeface makes for greater readability — particularly when it’s being read on a screen. 

Helvetica is also a font with many different weights, from ultra-light (which produces very thin lettering) to black (a very thick and bold font). With this font family, you can produce branded material in a wide range of sizes, all using one consistent font. 

Image: Wikimedia Creative Commons


Sometimes, it makes sense for a company to strive for a sense of longevity and history. If your business wants to look both storied and professional, you might want to consider Garamond. This font has been a popular choice for printed materials like books and newspapers since the 16th century, and it will certainly give your logo a classic look and feel.

Image: Wikimedia Creative Commons

The Best Fonts for Modern Logos


If you are looking for a sans serif font with a cool, modern look, Futura is probably very high on your list of options. This is a popular font because of its wide, circular letterforms, which make for easy reading on signage and other branded items. 

Because of its simple yet futuristic design, Futura also gives viewers an impression of machine-like efficiency — which might be why it’s been used by companies like Best Buy and Discover. A Futura logo will tell your customers that your business is modern, advanced, and technologically-savvy.

Image: Wikimedia Creative Commons

Brandon Grotesque

Much like Futura, Brandon Grotesque is a font that features sans-serif letters with a geometric design. This font is heavily inspired by popular typefaces of the 1920s and 30s, which gives it a clean, art deco style that’s very popular in modern graphic design.

Brandon Grotesque’s sleek design makes it a great choice for logos, but it is the font’s versatility that really sets it apart from the rest. This font has a variety of available weights, which means you can create contrast in your logo lettering without having to use multiple fonts. 



If your company wants to create a logo with a truly versatile font family, you might want to consider looking into Revista. This particular font family has several distinct styles, including a serif-style stencil font and a script font, all in a variety of different weights. 

Revista is inspired by classic magazine layouts (even the name itself is Spanish for “magazine”), so it is a good font choice for any company looking to express both their creative and professional sides. 


The Best Fonts for Artistic Logos

Bambusa Pro

Sometimes, a company’s font needs to reflect an air of artistry. This is the case when designing logos for event planners, clothing stores, or any other creative endeavours. For these logos, it’s common to use a script-based font like Bambusa Pro. 

This font uses wide, sprawling letters to give your logo extra readability — and it looks particularly great across a letterhead or business card. You can also choose from three different weights for a more varied look overall. 



If you’ve ever looked at the cover of Vogue Magazine, you’ve seen Bodoni in action. With its vertical axis and long, thin letterforms, Bodoni looks very statuesque and beautiful — which helps this font (and the logos on which it’s featured) stand out from the crowd.

This is a bold, classical-looking font that has come to represent elegance and luxury over the years, which makes it a popular choice among businesses trying to attach those feelings to their brands.

Image: Wikimedia Creative Commons 


While Bodoni and Bambusa Pro are fonts that reflect a mature form of creativity (elegance and artistry, respectively), sometimes your logo needs to speak to an audience with a more whimsical eye. 

If your brand is aimed at a younger audience, you might want to consider a font like Tondo, which uses rounded, bubble-like letters to reflect a sense of fun and playfulness. This font can make for a very cute and exciting logo (particularly when paired with bright primary colors) that will reflect your company’s energy perfectly. 


Design Your Dream Logo

Whether you’re looking to design a retro logo with a sophisticated air, a logo with sleek and modern typography, or something cute for the kids, designing the ideal company logo can be a fun (and quite easy) process. And, thanks to online printers like Banana Print, printing materials with your latest logo is easier than ever before! 

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