30 Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

Business cards have always been a cornerstone of marketing. They are the perfect takeaway after making a connection, providing all of the relevant information to build a lasting relationship.

However, the tradition of business cards have led to the idea that simply having one is enough to make a good impression.


Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

In fact, 72% of people judge a company based on the look of their business card. What’s more is that half of those people dismiss businesses with cheap looking cards.

Business cards are a valuable networking tool, when they’re done right.

Luckily, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to design.

By incorporating the latest business card trends of 2018, you can modernize the look of your card to make a lasting impression.

Must-Try 30 Popular Business Card Trends in 2018

Play with the Shape

Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

In the last few years, we’ve seen business cards of all shapes and sizes. This year, many designers are focusing on slight adjustments to the traditional shape that still make it noticeable.

1. Rounded Edges

Slightly curving the edges of your business card is a subtle, yet elegant change. Rounded edges add a soft touch to the common angled corners.

2. Curved

Instead of rounding the edges, try curving your card lengthwise. Just like most of the other business card shape trends, curved edges are soft yet noticeable. Plus, it’s so much more comfortable to hold.

3. Slim

This year, we’ve seen skinnier business cards. A slim business card is almost half the size of a regular card, which will surely make you stand out.

4. Square

Another simple way to play with unique shapes is to create a square business card. This still gives you plenty of space to add all of your information, but with an added sense of quirkiness.

5. Die Cut

If you want to go beyond subtle changes, try out a fun shape. Anything is possible! A tree, circle, your logo. Just make sure it’s still readable.

Or just change the orientation…

6. Vertical

Flipping the orientation of your business card to read vertically is an easy way to make an impact with little effort. It also gives you the chance to play with the placement of your type.

7. Diamond

Diamond shaped business cards are another play off of the square shape. You’re just going one step further, which will get your business card noticed!

Adjust the Type

Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

The text you incorporate on your card doesn’t have to only be practical. Some of the more popular trends this year adjust the type so that it becomes the defining feature of your business card.

8. Large Typeface

Another big business card trend in 2018 is literally just that: big. Making certain elements of text larger are your business card is a subtle design effect that will also get your point across. However, to execute this effectively, don’t enlarge everything. Try choosing one word or phrase.

9. Type as the Main Design Element

There’s no need for shapes and photos when typography is the main design of your business card. You can mix up typefaces or have one hand-drawn for you to customize your card.

10. Add Texture

If you’re not ready to go full-blown texture, try adding it to the type only. Adding texture to a specific word will make it stand out visually and physically.

Quality Design

Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

No matter how many years pass, high quality design will never go out of style. So it’s not a surprise that in 2018, we’ve seen quality design taken to new creative levels.

11. Foil Stamped

If you want your business card to be noticed, gold is one way that never fails. This trend is all about juxtaposition. You can make a bold statement by adding gold foil, but use it sparingly to keep it elegant.

12. Add a Photo

One of the most popular business card trends in 2018 is adding a photo. You can personalize your card by putting a photo of yourself directly on your card. It’s also a great way for your potential clients to remember your face and your name.

13. Keep it Simple

Instead of adding more to your business card, try taking things away. Minimal design is a clean, straightforward way to present yourself. This means clean lines, soft colors and minimal text.

14. Illustration

If photos aren’t your thing, then illustrations might be. Adding hand drawn icons are a great way to create a business card with playful energy that mirrors your own. They can be used as a simple pattern or the main element of your design.

15. Keep It On Brand

This is a classic way to associate your card with your business. Go a step further by incorporating specific details of your brand, like making a pattern from your logo, to enhance your business card.

16. Geometric

This business card trend is a step away from the soft, curved edges mentioned before. Straight-edged, geometric shapes make a bold statement while keeping a clean design.

17. Add Depth

Embossing a specific detail on your business card has become another way to play with texture. This trend will change the way that your potential client experiences your card, since it defies the senses.


Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

How your business card feels can completely change the experience. By experimenting with different materials, you can add another sensory element to the overall effect.

18. Play with Texture

Changing the material of your business card, like using a textured paper, creates a unique sensory experience.

19. Make it Foldable

Folded business cards that can stand on top of any surface are a great way to attract clients from a far. They add dimension to an otherwise flat marketing material.

20. Painted Edges

A slight burst of color around the edges of your business card will ensure that your card won’t be lost in the stack. You can go bold with neon edges or choose a contrasting color.

21. Material Illusion

If you do not want to commit to printing 1,000 new business cards on wood, why not try creating the same effect through design? Your business card can give the illusion of a specific material while still using traditional paper.

22. Add Thickness

Business cards are typically printed on 14-point cardstock, but this is not mandatory. One popular trend in 2018 is increasing the thickness of the card. These thick cards are more durable, so they will outlast even the other trends of 2018.

23. Go See-Through

Try printing your business card on a transparent material and even adding a color gradient for an interesting new look.

24. Contrasting Colors

Choose colors that contrast one another, like black and white or blue and orange, to stand out. This is also a simple change that makes a bold impact.

Add a Special Touch

Business Card Trends in 2018 to Make You Stand Out

Just like with holiday cards, adding a personal touch to your business card will make it unique to you. These business card trends go the extra mile, by becoming a reflection of you and your company.

25. Make it Personal

Use a custom made stamp or small personal note to make each business card more endearing to your clientele.

26. Add a Sleeve

By adding a sleeve to hold your business card, your potential clients will feel like they are unwrapping a gift each time they look at it.

27. Have Different Design Options

Use a variety of design so that you have different options. For instance, you can have four card options that have differentiating icons on the front. Having a variety of design options will come in handy when you want to make an impression on a specific client.

28. Use your Imagination

Each year, classic elements of design are brought back while more boundaries are being pushed. If there is one thing 2018 has taught us about business card design so far is that it can be playful. Change the idea of what a business card should look like. They can look like a deck of playing cards or even coasters.

29. Make Cut-outs

This trend is for more people than those in the Swiss cheese industry. Having a small cut out shape in your card will make the design both impactful and practical. You can use thread to loop through the card so that it can be tied to marketing gifts or play on the look of a tag.

30. Play with Pop-Ups

Another way to make your business cards more interactive is to use pop-outs. You can have the design cut in a way so that the pop out will reveal something when lifted up, like a word or just a bright color.

How to Implement New Business Card Trends

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