17 Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

Christmas is coming, and the festive season calls for spreading the joy and cheer far and wide.

A time-honored tradition for doing it with flair is sending out Christmas cards.

While this used to mean composing a handwritten letter or jotting friendly notes in garden-variety, mass-produced cards, times have changed. The modern tradition calls for beautiful Christmas card design ideas that match your own personal style and artistic sensibilities.

Luckily, there are a plethora of good Christmas card designs to choose from online. From artists and designers to small paper goods businesses, there are fantastic cards out there to suit any taste.

17 Wow-Worthy Christmas Card Design Ideas and Examples

Whether you’re sending out cards to the entire family or mailing merry messages to coworkers or clients, here are the best Christmas card designs and ideas to help you choose cards with just the right touch.

Some are traditional, some are modern, and some are a little bit cheeky, but any of them would make a worthy vehicle for the warm wishes you want to send this Christmas.

Classic and Simple Christmas Card Ideas

A traditional, classic Christmas card is perfect for any type of recipient. They’re lovely for sending to family, but they’re perfectly appropriate for clients and partners, too.

If elegant, sophisticated, or classic is your preference, these design ideas are for you.

Classic and Simple Christmas Card Ideas

1. Traditional Motifs

Send a card that speaks to time-honored holiday traditions. This traditional card features a simple design with Christmas trees that are both formal and elegant. To top it off, send a traditional card like this in a stylish, matching envelope with a colored flap.

Traditional Motifs

2. Hand Lettering

For a truly classic way to send Christmas greetings, combine elegant hand lettering with a traditional, religious message that speaks to “the reason for the season.” This card from Laura Bolter Design is a perfect example.

Hand Lettering

3. Traditional Typography

Wow your recipients and send a classic Christmas card that brings to mind copperplate etching and calligraphy. To really make it pop, choose one traditional, standout color, like this deep red card with gold accents.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

4. Swirling Lines

There are so many words associated with the season – “joy,” “hope,” “merry,” “peace,” and more. Choose one of these powerful and uplifting words as the focus for your Christmas card and set it off with a cursive font and swirling lines.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

5. Family-Focused

Put your family front and center on your Christmas cards and spread the smiles. Choose your favorite, recent portrait (candid or posed) and use a text overlay to send a simple yet heartfelt message.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

Unique Materials

If you want your recipients to grin from ear to ear when they open your card, consider printing your design and message on a unique material that stands out.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

6. Wood

If you want to step completely outside the box, print your cards on wood. Print a cool or interesting design so your recipients can display it like an art piece all winter long, like this card designed by Elly Ang.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

7. Kraft Paper

For a unique look, print a pretty yet simple design on Kraft paper in white and red font, like this example from Clevery. Kraft paper has a thicker weight and a slightly different texture than regular paper, so it feels and looks special.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

8. Letterpress

Letterpress is a traditional printing method that has a long history. It uses higher-quality paper and has an embossed look. For beautiful cards with a handmade feel, you can’t beat this unique material. For an updated look, use traditional typography with modern design and colors, like this example from Matthew Wong.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas


Modern Christmas Card Designs

If modern is more your style, these design examples fit the bill. They’re bold, colorful, quirky, and fun.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

9. Simple and Graphic

Zeppelin Graphics created these fun, simple, and graphic cards that feature interesting color schemes and punchy design. What says “warm wishes” better than a steaming cup of hot cocoa? Get the same look by choosing a few distinctive symbols of the season and pairing them with faded green or red shades.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

10. Illustrated and Colorful

This illustrated card by Iisa Mönttinen is modern yet whimsical with its dancing pattern of colorful Christmas stockings.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

11. Quirky and Bold

If you can, make them laugh and send a card with a quirky, whimsical design. This little Santa owl by Sarah Russell is both funny and clever.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

12. Modern Lettering

For a modern card that pops, choose a fresh font and modern colors, but pair them with a classic message from your favorite holiday music or films. These modern Christmas card designs by Katrina Sutton check every box.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas
Creative and Cool Christmas Card Designs

If regular folding cards don’t speak to you, use your imagination and come up with creative Christmas cards that make a statement.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

13. Holiday Ornament Cards

Lots of people receive stacks of lovely Christmas cards but don’t know how to display them. Solve this problem for your recipients and send cards they can proudly hang on their trees! These particular cards from Minted are cut into classic, elegant shapes and include ribbon for hanging.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

14. Laser-Cut Cards

Laser-cut cards are an interesting and unique way to send season’s greetings. These cards feature elaborate cutouts that let you play hide-and-seek with design and color.

This corporate Christmas card idea by Zipeng Zhu is a perfect example. Show off your business’s flair and impress your clients with a creative card design like this one.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

15. Pop-Up Cards

The intricacy of pop-up Christmas cards will make your recipients “ooh” and “aah” with delight. These designs are ones they’ll want to display all season long, like this fantastic example of Santa with his reindeer soaring over a Christmas village by Mike Malkovas.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

16. Vintage-Style Christmas Cards

Get creative with your card design and go retro. In particular, midcentury modern design is having a huge moment and will make your older recipients reminisce about the ‘50s and ‘60s. This design from Rifle Paper Co. is a little bit retro and a whole lot of fun.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

17. Fun Shapes

Don’t get stuck inside the box for your X-mas greeting card designs – think outside the rectangle. This bright red, merry card is cut into a simple folding mitten shape that takes it a step above regular cards.

Best Christmas Card Design Ideas

Send Your Warmest Wishes with These Christmas Card Design Ideas

The best Christmas card designs hit all the right notes for merry greetings.

If you’re sending Christmas cards this year, make them personal and special. The right design will impress your family, friends, colleagues, clients, or customers. Whether you choose a classic card or one with creative flair, your recipients will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

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