5 Most Creative Ways to Design and Print Leaflets

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Leaflets have long been an important element of business marketing — and even in the digital age, they are still incredibly useful. With leaflets, you can reach your audience directly (through mailers or by passing out your leaflets in your shop or office). This piece of paper is a physical reminder of your business, which can help you build brand recognition.

But there’s one thing you must remember: like all printed marketing materials, a leaflet will only help your business if it’s done properly.

What makes a “proper” leaflet? How can you be sure that your materials will benefit your business? Here are a few tips you can use to create the perfect leaflets to market your company.

Step One: Refine Your Content

Bill Gates once said that online, “content is king.” Even in the world of print marketing, his words ring true; after all, your poster, flyer, or brochure will only be effective if it’s paired with catchy, engaging, and informative content. 

The first step to making any leaflet is to draft all the content that goes inside. 

Gather images that will catch the eye and draw your audience in. 

Write copy that’s both informative and fun, so readers learn a great deal about your business (and enjoy hearing about it, too). 

Test different colour palettes to find one that best suits the tone and style of your company. 

All of these little details can make a massive difference in the finished product.

Once you’ve settled on the content for your leaflet, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The hard part’s over! Now comes the fun: turning your excellent copy into a beautiful printed leaflet. 

Step Two: Select Your Layout

There are three common types of leaflet in use today: the bi-fold, the tri-fold, and the z-fold. Each of these layouts have their own unique strengths and weaknesses — which is why it’s up to you to find the right one for your leaflet.

Creating a bi-fold leaflet simply involves folding a piece of paper in half horizontally, creating two “pages” on either side of the fold. The pages in these leaflets are large, which makes them ideal for printing colourful or detailed images. However, this layout isn’t as effective for text-heavy leaflets, as the larger pages can overwhelm the eye and make the copy hard to read.

Tri-fold leaflets fold the paper twice, creating three panels that fold into one another. This is the most popular type of leaflet, likely because it’s especially user-friendly. The three panels make it easy to distinguish between different topics like company history, services, and testimonials.

Z-fold leaflets also have three panels, but the page is folded differently (in a “z-shape”). With this shape, the unfolded leaflet reveals one flat page — which is ideal when you’re trying to convey a single message with your copy. Z-folds are best for mailing campaigns, as you can create a full-page leaflet and z-fold it to fit into an envelope. 

Once you’ve finalised your copy and images, you need to decide on the type of leaflet you’re going to create. Are you telling a full story about your business? A tri-fold layout might communicate that best. Are you highlighting a single event like a grand opening or a new product line? Z-folds and bi-folds might better suit your purposes. 

Carefully consider these layout styles and find the right one before moving forward!

Step Three: Create a Mockup

Once you’ve settled on a layout for your leaflet, it’s time to add in your content. Your graphic design team can take over here, creating the perfect combination of text and images within your layout. No graphic design team? No worries; online printers like Banana Print also offer free templates you can use to start the design process. 

There are no “rules” for designing a leaflet, but there are a few guidelines that can help you create an attractive and readable finished product. Firstly, make sure you break up your text with plenty of pictures. Walls of text (particularly very small text) is sure to make your readers’ eyes glaze over. 

Secondly, make sure you limit the font choices on your leaflet to one or two (perhaps one for titles and headers and one for body paragraphs). This will ensure that your leaflet is professional-looking and easy to read.

Step Four: Choose Your Paper

Your content is perfect. Your layout is lovely. Now, it’s time to consider the next element of yoru leaflet design: materials. The type of paper you use to print your leaflet will say something about your business — whether you intend it or not. Therefore, it’s important to select the right kind of paper. 

Of course, the “right” paper varies from one business to the next. Take some time to think about how you plan to use your leaflet when making your selection. Does your leaflet feature large, colourful photos? This style might benefit from glossy paper, which tends to make images stand out even more. Are you going for a classy, businesslike style? Matte paper always looks professional and sophisticated.

These choices may seem minor, but they actually have a significant impact on your final product. So take your time and consider all your options before sending your leaflet to print.

Step Five: Print and Distribute

You’ve reached the final step: if you’re happy with your leaflet (make sure to check for typos and other errors), you can send it to the printer! If you’ve followed our other guidelines above, you should have a beautiful, informative, and attention-grabbing leaflet that’s bound to have people talking about your business.

All that’s left to do is distribute them!

Leaflets are great for advertising special events or introducing your business to industry colleagues. You can place a stack by your front desk or register for customers to peruse, mail them out as a marketing campaign, or simply pass them out on the street! With the right design, your leaflet — and your business — are sure to make a big impression.

Print the Perfect Leaflet Today

When you print marketing materials with Banana Print, you’re sure to get high-quality materials and excellent designs. Use one of our templates or upload your own design, and then get ready to receive an excellent finished product!

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