Kraft Paper Printing: The Most Creative Ways To Print Invitations, Envelopes, Labels, and More

Say goodbye to boring paper products and uninspired printing solutions. The natural tones and environmental benefits of kraft paper are just a few reasons this trendy material is a great option for your personal and professional printing needs.

Why Use Kraft Paper?

Bleaching isn’t used in the process of creating regular, uncoated kraft paper. Because of this, kraft stock is stronger, more durable, and more eco-friendly than regular card stock.

The entire process for creating kraft card stock is sustainable. Unlike regular card stock, kraft stock can be made with any type of wood, and all of the chemicals used in the process can be reused.

Moreover, the natural fibers left on kraft stock give your printed materials a beautiful texture and high-quality feel. Using this type of paper adds a cost-effective, unique touch to your printed materials, while also giving your company a sustainable edge. 

Using Kraft Paper For Every Occasion

Kraft card stock is a high-quality option for all of your printables. Add a unique, eco-friendly touch to your party decorations, wedding invitations, in-store branding, and promotional products.

Weddings, Parties, and Events

Whether its casual or black tie, kraft stock is an incredibly versatile option suitable for backyard gatherings, weddings, and everything in between. 

Invitations, Thank You Notes and Save-The-Dates

As save-the-dates, greeting cards, invitations, seating labels, and thank you notes, kraft paper can add a rustic and earthy touch to your event. A thick kraft stock gives your save-the-dates, thank you notes and invitations a more luxurious feel without breaking the bank. 

If light brown doesn’t match your theme, choose kraft stickers or kraft paper stock that is bleached or coloured.


For weddings, mixing white ink with the light brown tone adds a light, romantic touch to your decorations. You can also use stickers and hanging tags as added decoration, and thick, brown paper bags to give out favors to your guests. 

As a guest, using kraft stock as wrapping paper is both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Promotional Products

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You don’t need to wait for a special event to take advantage of the environmental and financial benefits of kraft paper– commercial uses are where it can really shine. As a durable product, it makes great packaging, and the stylish colour options are a great background for a variety of marketing materials. 

Marketing Materials

Show off your brand at trade shows or through a direct mail campaign with kraft marketing materials. Order kraft paper letterhead, business cards and labels to give your company a unique and sustainable edge. A pop of colour or the natural tones of unbleached kraft help catch the eye and promote your business in an eco-friendly way.


Mail letters, label packages and prepare products for the shelves. Choose a colour option to make your labels stand out, or stick with natural paper bags to keep your company grounded. Kraft paper hanging tags are also a great addition for in-store decoration.

Printing on Kraft Paper

Explore the differences between inkjet and laser printing, as well as how to use templates. Compare printing your own materials vs working with an affordable online print shop for a cost-effective solution.

Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer?

You can print on kraft paper with either an inkjet or a laser printer. An inkjet printer has a lower machine cost and uses a microscopic spray of ink to print. Laser printers melt toner powder and offer faster printing speeds. While a laser option may be more costly initially, it typically ends up being the more affordable option for long-term printing situations.

These are the two main types of printers available for personal and commercial use. It can be costly to find an inkjet or laser printer that can accept every thickness of the material and offer you professional results, so it might be a good idea to turn to a professional printer for beautiful results on thicker kraft paper sheets. 

Using Templates

Templates make it easy to personalize your products. If you’re struggling to draw a beautiful invite or eye-catching label for your products, consider consulting a printing service for a variety of professionally designed templates at low cost. 

Using Kraft Paper For Your Printed Materials

Explore the many shapes, sizes and designs of kraft paper stock as you prepare for your next printing project. This eco-friendly and cost-effective paper is a great option for your next big event or marketing campaign.

At Banana Print, you can find all of these kraft products and professional printing solutions. Check out our 24-hour printing services online to find cheap printing prices on kraft and other paper stock.

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