How Much Will Print Advertising Cost Your Business?

In today’s tech-savvy world, many businesses rely solely on digital marketing efforts to generate leads. While this is an effective strategy, the most successful businesses adopt a mix of both innovative digital marketing techniques and traditional print advertising.

This combination allows businesses to cater their marketing campaign to potential customers in hyper-local areas and a broader audience online.

Despite this, many businesses often overestimate print advertising costs, preventing them from incorporating the practice into their marketing campaign.

Costs of Print Advertising

Small businesses in particular need a strong marketing strategy with print marketing materials to match their branding. They nonetheless often worry that the cost of print material will overwhelm their marketing budget. Fortunately, print advertising is highly customisable, and factors like the size of the ad can be altered to keep ad costs down.

Flyers & Leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are two of the most popular forms of print advertising. Of the two, flyers are less expensive because they have simpler designs and can be printed on lower-quality paper. 

In either scenario, businesses can expect to pay anywhere from £143-750 for a custom flyer or leaflet design. When it comes to printing, prices are directly linked to the amount of pieces ordered (with discounts for larger quantities) as well as the type of paper used and whether colour or black ink will be used. Generally, this falls somewhere between 4-22p per piece.

Magazine And Newspaper Ads

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Another type of print ad is one that many small businesses may overlook. Magazine and newspaper ads are an excellent way to reach a specific audience. While high-end fashion magazine ads may be out of budget for a small business, most trade and local magazines offer affordable rates.

Newspaper ads in a local newspaper operate in the same manner, with many using what is known as “rate cards.”A rate card is a guideline that shows the price of a newspaper ad based on the amount of words used, colour, spacing and column inch width or height. This allows small businesses to choose the ad size that best aligns with their budget.

Direct Mail

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Direct mail is a form of print advertising that involves designing and printing postcards and then distributing them directly through the mail. The biggest benefit of direct mail marketing is that the target audience can be highly customized using mailing lists. These can be general mailing lists or they can be ones that have been collected directly by the business.

As for pricing, each aspect of the process is typically included in the cost.


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Posters are a great way to market a small business and create brand awareness in local markets. Depending on the placement of the poster, the number of people who may see the poster can mean a highly impressive ROI. Businesses who opt for a full-page can expect to pay around £217-700 for ad space and anywhere from £9.95-200 for printing depending on the size and specifics of the poster design. 


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Banners come in a large selection of sizes, including everything from a basic flag or hanging banner to an oversized back-wall display. Additionally, banners can be printed on fabric, vinyl or mesh. They are generally used outdoors, in crowded public spaces and in stores. The cost of printing typically falls within the range of £21 to £200 with advertising rates varying based on location.

Stickers, Buttons & Other Promotional Materials

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During events like trade shows or festivals, promotional materials are a fantastic way to reach a target audience. New businesses can also spread the word by designing and handing out stickers with every purchase. These materials typically have a high response rate and have a higher readership than other forms of print advertising material. 

Average cost of promotional materials through Banana Print: 

Stickers– From £7.95

Buttons– From £6.95

Bookmarks– From £9.95

Tent cards– From £9.95

Postcards– From £11.95

How To Make Your Print Advertising As Effective As Possible

While print advertising is an effective marketing strategy, it is crucial to follow best practices to ensure maximum results. 

  • Merge print advertising with digital marketing. For best results, use print advertising that complements your digital marketing efforts. This may include listing a web address or referencing a platform where satisfied customers can leave reviews. 
  • Proof your designs. Before submitting your design for printing, it is crucial to look it over carefully. Most printers will require approval of this proof beforehand to ensure that there are no typos and that the full design fits within the project.
  • Stay consistent with branding. Your print advertising material should fall in line with your digital marketing and other promotional material. This ensures that your brand is recognisable and will maximize your efforts.
  • Consider size options and colours. If your print advertising budget is on the smaller end of the spectrum, consider what is most important when designing promotional materials. For example, opting for a non-glossy coating may not make much of a difference for conversion rates but it can drastically increase the cost per piece of material. 
  • Create specific goals. As with any marketing campaign, it is crucial to measure the success of your print advertising. Before launching a campaign, create measurable goals and ensure that they are being met before continuing to invest. 

The Importance of Print Advertising for Your Small Business

Print advertising is a vital component of marketing a small business. As many small businesses aim to serve local areas, it can give them an advantage when they are struggling to compete with costly digital marketing campaigns launched by worldwide competitors.

While print advertising may seem expensive at first, Banana Print is a cost effective service that provides small businesses with a media kit (including hundreds of templates) that empowers business owners to create their own promotional materials.

These seamless tools for print ads, like newspaper advertising, paired with a solid online advertising and social media campaign, ensures a stress-free and cost-effective approach to marketing.

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