5 Proof Checking Tips for Perfect Print Marketing Materials

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The proof check process gives content a final polish in the last stage of editing before going to print. If you are printing marketing materials for your business, it’s essential to follow proof checking protocol to avoid costly typos, formatting issues, grammatical and spelling errors.   

How to Proofread Before Sending to Print

If you don’t have a proofreader, no worries. Follow this proof checking guide so that your printed materials are perfect before hitting print.

1. Run a Grammar and Spell Check 

It’s critical to double-check grammar and spelling before any documents go to your printer. Lucky for you, word processing programs like Google Docs and Microsoft Word automatically check your work for typographical errors, as well as grammatical issues like wrong commas, missed capitalizations, and more. 

Other online word processors can offer feedback for passive voice, readability, subject-verb agreement, and more. The more advanced versions will help correct sentences and even provide a rewrite of helping with flow and engagement.

However, here’s a word of caution using a word processor. They are a helpful shortcut, but they can’t replace human proofreading. Sometimes they suggest corrections that don’t benefit the material or may make it incorrect, so always review your work yourself. 

It helps to take a long break and then come back to it when your eyes feel fresh again, and you can better detect errors in your work. 

Read Aloud To Check Your Syntax

Syntax is the arrangements of words and phrases to create sentences that are both pleasing and coherent. In short, syntax is what separates good content from bad content. If you use proper syntax, your words will be arranged appropriately, grammatically correct, and engaging. 

Ever notice that sometimes sentences sound better in your head than they do out loud? It is easy to miss syntactical errors when proofing in your head, making reading aloud a crucial step in the proof check process. Reading aloud forces you to slow down and really read what’s on the page, giving you a better chance at catching clumsy phrasing and incorrect punctuation.

You can also try reading the material out loud to a friend or coworker who can provide valuable feedback about the tone and the flow of the content.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is vitally important if you want polished printed material that connects with the reader. To help you stay consistent, try style guides like: 

  • Oxford style
  • APA style
  • Chicago style

These writing styles clearly outline rules for creating content such as punctuation, capitalization, and citing sources. These styles are intended to offer the writer a template for creating great-looking, easy-to-read content that provides value to the reader and decreases confusion as much as possible. 

For Extra Peace Of Mind, Run A Plagiarism Check

Sometimes, you can type a sentence you think you’ve created all on your own, but unknowingly commit plagiarism. For extra peace of mind, run your materials through a plagiarism detector. Many are free online and point out everything that can be interpreted as unoriginal, which can save you lot of trouble down the road. 

Check The Formatting Of Your Proof

You’ll want to make sure you check your margins and typesetting before sending everything to the printer. If you don’t check everything before you send it off, it can turn out sloppy, off-center, and the pages may be out of order, which can happen easily if you’re printing a book or a booklet.

If you decide to create a book or a leaflet, you’ll also have some additional points to consider. Always check the binding of the book, the page numbers, and check a rough draft before completing the order to prevent problems. Examine the proof copy or printout before giving the okay to continue printing.

Sending Your Proofed Work To Print

Proof checking on your own is challenging and requires attention to detail, so keep these tips in mind to help you get the best possible result.  

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