30 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

Your wedding invitation card design gives your guests a sneak peek into your big day.

Plus, they provide you and your partner with an opportunity to express yourselves. What’ll it be? Vintage, retro, traditional, or unique?

These wedding invitations and card samples are perfect inspiration to jump start your journey.

Factors to consider when choosing your custom wedding invitation

Once you find a design idea you love, it’s tempting to jump in head first and place your order. Keep a few things in mind before you make your final wedding invitation card design decision.

30 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

What’s your wedding style?

If you’ve already selected your venue, flowers, food, and decor, you probably have a good idea of your wedding style. Is it modern and chic or classic and romantic? Is your wedding more casual and laid back or formal and elegant?

Make sure your wedding invitation card design matches the overall style of your wedding. Your guests should get a “feel” of the wedding when they open the invitation.

Decide on a colour scheme

You’ll want your wedding invitations and cards to match the colour choices you’ve already made. If you’re wedding colours are baby blue and taupe, you probably shouldn’t select gold and burgundy invitations.

Keep everything within your defined colour scheme and don’t forget colour choice can affect readability. Pastel fonts on cream coloured paper are difficult to read. Color blind folks may have trouble reading red fonts on pink papers.

Consider shape and size

Have some fun: test out round invitations or different sizes. 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch is the standard wedding invitation size, but lots of couples are now experimenting with different shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind that added bulk and unique wedding invitation card design shapes usually cost more for postage than standard sizes.

Make sure they’re easy to read

Like mentioned above, make sure your font and background colour aren’t too similar. You should also keep typeface in mind.

Certain elaborate fonts aren’t easy to read. Always ask for a proof before ordering your full set. Make sure all your guests will be able to read your invitations.

Organize your information

You need to squeeze a lot of information into your wedding invitation card design: your names, the dress code, location, date, RSVP information.

Decide which information is absolutely necessary for the invitation and what can go on your wedding website. Remember that you want your invitations to be legible, clean, and organized. Will you go for a minimalist or traditional approach for your invitation?

Try to order all printed materials in one sitting

Weddings require a lot of printed products: save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards. Printers typically offer a discount when you order the entire suite in one sitting. Plus, you can ensure that the design stays consistent every step of the way.

Start early -- but not too early

You’ll need to pick your wedding invitation card design, order proofs, check the proofs, address, and send out your invitations. This takes more time than you think. (Especially with everything else you have to plan.)

At the same time, you need certain information before designing your invitations such as your venue location, colour scheme, and dress code.

Modern wedding invitations card samples

Cream paper with cursive font not your style? No problem. These modern wedding invitations card samples give an updated feel to the traditional wedding invitation design.

30 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

1. Geometric

Geometric styles are all over this year. The rose gold foil provides a striking contrast against the dark navy blue.

30 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Zazzle

2. Origami

These origami invitations offer a nice updated feel while still sticking with traditional colors like gold and black.

30 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Wedding Paper Genius

3. Black on black

Designers usually caution away from using black font with black paper, but the foiled text gives these invitations a clean and modern feel that’s not too difficult to read.

30 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

Via Foiled Invitations

4. Neon and edgy

Going for casual and modern? These neon and white invitations are hilarious.

Via Smudge Ink

5. Minimalist

Simple and straight to the point. What more do you need?

minimalist-designsVia Wedding Chicks

6. Laser cut shapes

There are tons of amazing laser cut invitations out there but this tree wedding invitation design is just absolutely adorable.

laser-cut-shapesVia 4 Love Polka Dots

7. Manhattan

Keep it high-class and elegant with this black and gold foil invitation set.

manhattan-designsVia La Happy

8. White and navy laser cut designs

Navy is perfect when you want a hint of colour and a nice contrast with white paper.

white-and-navy-laser-cut-designsVia Stylish Wedd

Unique wedding invitation card design

Sometimes, you just need an invitation that stands out from the crowd. Who said weddings have to be dull? Express your personality with a fun and unique wedding invitation card design.

9. Newsprints

This newsprint wedding card invitation design lets you and your partner tell a story.


newsprints-design-2Via Etsy

10. Passport and boarding pass

Destination wedding? Yes, please.

https://www.etsy.com/artfulpixels/listing/512250869/newspaper-wedding-programs-printed-funhttps://www.etsy.com/artfulpixels/listing/512250869/newspaper-wedding-programs-printed-funVia Cherry Sealed

11. Board games

It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

board-games-designVia Woman Getting Married

12. Vinyl records

Wondering where the text and information is? It’s on the record. Yes, the record plays the wedding date and venue location.


vinyl record designVia Etsy

13. Puzzles

Not only is this fun, but you can deliver the invitation in unique packaging.

puzzles-designVia Weddingfully

14. Pop-ups

Give your guests an invitation that doubles as a keepsake.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Style Me Pretty

15. Arcade machine

Love all things retro? These foldable arcade invitations are cute and classy.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia The Knot

16. Lord of the Rings

It’s hard to pull off book and movie-themed weddings without looking tacky but these invitations are classy and timeless.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Etsy

Traditional invitation cards designs

Keeping things classy doesn’t have to be boring. These traditional invitation cards designs are beautiful, elegant, and unique -- making them perfect for your special day.

17. Rose gold with foil

Does it get any more romantic than rose gold, foil, and ribbons? These traditional invitation cards designs are soft and simple but still fairly unique.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Nouba

18. Glass appearance

These see-through invitations are simple and traditional with just a touch of uniqueness.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Girl Yard

19. Bold floral

These striking wedding invitations and card samples provide bold colour without going overboard.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Hello Tenfold

20. Watercolour pastels

Watercolours and foil with a simple design never go out of style.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Minted

21. Clean and classy

The unique fonts and the envelope inlay give an updated feel to this classic design.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia 4 Love Polka Dots

22. Simple and elegant with a pop of colour

The pink floral design gives these traditional invitation cards designs a soft touch.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Elegant Wedding Invites

23. Bold navy watercolour with gold accents

Navy is an excellent alternative to black when you want dark wedding invites and the gold accents offer a little spice.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Etsy

Rustic and vintage wedding card ideas

When done right, vintage wedding card ideas are an easy way to get playful with your invitations while still keeping your vibe classy and elegant.

Why stop at vintage wedding card ideas? You could even use invitations as a jumping off point for your wedding theme and decor. The only question is: which era will you choose?

24. Turquoise and woodgrain

Something about the colours here is just so warm and fun.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Etsy

25. Once upon a time

Is there anything more adorable than this storybook design?

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Etsy

26. Rockabilly

Love tattoos or all things 1950s counterculture? These invitations are perfect.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Not on The High Street

27. New world

It’s hard to pick the best thing about these invitations: the fan, the map, or the keepsake box.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Girl Yard

28. Fairytale wedding

These fairytale wedding invitations are perfectly elegant without being cartoonish.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Style Me Pretty

29. Wood and lace

Soft lace provides a nice textural contrast to the wood grain background while the brown and white combination is warm and inviting.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Elli

30. Classy retro

These retro invites play with colour and design but are still elegant and classy.

Wedding Invitation Card Design IdeasVia Wedding Chicks

Selecting your perfect wedding invitations and card samples

Weddings are a unique and magical time. You get to make a commitment to the love of your life with your friends and family there to share the moment.

Planning is notoriously stressful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun, too.

Wedding invitations and card samples are a perfect opportunity to express your unique personalities without sacrificing elegance. You could even use these wedding invitation card design ideas as a launch pad for building your wedding colours or theme.

The only question is now: which direction will you take?