20 Best Photography Business Card Templates [Free Samples]

If you’re a photographer, you work in a highly competitive market. Whether it’s engagement and wedding photography, graduation photography, food photography, or something else entirely, you need to differentiate yourself to clients.

One such way to differentiate yourself is with an awesome photography business card.

Business cards are pertinent in nearly any situation where you want to win new business. Imagine being at a cafe and overhearing someone looking for a wedding photographer or at a tradeshow where you meet hundreds of potential clients. Having a professional photography business card will display your professionalism and, in some cases, some of your photography.

What Makes a Great Photography Business Card?

It’s hard to nail down everything that makes a great business card for photographers. The overall “greatness” of a card hinges on the style of card you go for, what kind of photography you specialise in, and how well you brand it.

What we mean by style refers more to if you choose to use graphics (like a camera) or photographs that you’ve taken.

Even if you choose to use graphics on your business card rather than a photograph, you can still convey your photography genre on your business card. For example, a whimsical banner graphic could easily convey you photograph weddings and parties.

Whatever style business card you opt for, you need to ensure some crucial information is on your cards.

  • Your business’ name
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Your business’ website
  • Any tagline or critical information (i.e. wedding photography)

Your business cards should reflect the same design elements in any posters, pamphlets, or letterheads you have.

20 Amazing Photography Business Cards

To help you brainstorm your next photography business card design, we’ve collected 20 templates for you to study, download, and then customise to fit your own business.



Wedding Photography Business Cards

original-cards-for-wedding-photographyImage Source

We love this free wedding photographer business card template! The graphics of a bride and groom are a unique way to convey that you’re a wedding photographer. If you attend wedding tradeshows where you’ll be talking to brides and grooms, you should have copies of each (bride and groom) to give out.

cute-business-card-with-an-illustrated-cameraImage Source

This is another fantastic example of using graphics to convey your photography specialty. There’s bunting on the front and back of the card, indicating the photographer does some kind of events photography. Upon closer look, you’ll see the card says wedding, birthday, and events.



Cool Photography Business Cards

photography-business-card-templatesImage Source

We love this photography business card for its full use of space on the front and back. The graphic used makes it obvious that the owner is a photographer. We particularly like how this is meant to look like a retro camera.

hand-drawn-watercolour-photography-cardImage Source

This is a cool sketched graphic of a camera on this business card. It’s nothing fussy, just a black, white, and grey graphic with clear contact information.

business-card-mockup-in-retro-styleImage Source

This business card is a fantastic example of typography used well. The designer employed a web design principle and made a grouping of different fonts his image on the business card.

funny-photographer-business-templateImage Source

For those photographers with a sense of humour. This cheeky business card gets straight to the point about your profession. It’s a simple black and white card but has a colourful funny element. This easy-to-alter template will let you fill in whichever photography fields you specialise in.



Professional Photography Business Card

original-photo-studio-cardImage Source

This is a beautiful example of a sleek, modern, professional photography card. The design is reminiscent of a new smartphone with lens attached. On the back, all of the photographer’s information is clean and easy to read.

modern-photography-business-card-with-geometric-shapesImage Source

You don’t need a black and white business card to convey professionalism. Feel free to add colour to your professional photography card if it goes with your overall brand. This card is simple; it includes a camera icon, the photographer’s name, the website on one side, and the contact information on the other.

business-card-photography-minimal-styleImage Source

This card caught our eye with its “slit” down the middle. The use of a shadowed line created the illusion that coloured tabs could pop through the card to display certain information. The colour contrast helps the reader quickly find what he’s looking for, including having descriptive icons like the phone or letter.

photography-business-cards-for-professionalsImage Source

This card is perfect for professionals who want to show off more than one photo. While you can’t show off full sizes of each photo in this template, you can portray an overall aesthetic your photos have. Your clients will get an immediate sense of your photography style.



Creative Photography Business Cards

photography-business-card-watercolour-styleImage Source

While we listed this card under creative, it could easily work for wedding photographers or newborn photographers. The painted watercolour design with flowers conveys that you photograph happy events. The colour scheme also helps convey that.

hand-drawn-camera-and-speech-bubble-photography-cardImage Source

Smiling makes everyone happy, so why not make someone smile when you hand him your business card? This soft blue card with sketch-like handwriting shows you’re a relaxed photographer. Because it’s not tied to any one type of photography, it’s easy to apply to any photography business.

photo-studio-card-in-flat-designImage Source

We think this is a clever use of business card space. The designer has created a custom cut-out of a DSLR camera. On the front, he has the front face of the camera, and on the back, he used the camera’s screen to display the photographer’s contact information. He paid attention to detail and kept the buttons on the back face of the camera.

retro-photography-business-cardImage Source

We love the graphic elements of this business card. It has a Great Gatsby feeling and could easily be used for vintage photographers. However, you could easily pass this for creative photography services or party photography services.



Newborn Photography Business Cards

enjoyable-photography-cardImage Source

For those newborn or portrait photographers who don’t want to use an image on your business card, this is a great option. The playful colours and pseudo-Claymation design convey playfulness and can easily tell you work with small children.

hand-painted-photographer-card-with-watercolour-rosesImage Source

The vibrant colours on this business card make it perfect for anyone in events, celebrations, or newborn photography. You can easily replace the background photo with a beautiful example of your work and change the colours on the backside to reflect the colours of the photograph.

free-photographer-business-card-psd-templateImage Source

While the photograph in this example is of a bride, it would make a perfect newborn photography business card. It’s ultra-simplistic and lets the photograph tell your card’s recipient what kind of business you’re in.



Vintage Photography Business Cards

monochrome-business-card-for-photographyImage Source

Nothing says vintage like having a Polaroid camera on your business card. We love this monochrome business card which looks like it has a vintage Instagram filter over it. It’s a simple design that quickly shows you’re a vintage photographer.

retro-photography-visit-cardImage Source

Another excellent design using a vintage camera as the focal point on the front of the business card. You can even see the vintage switch on the front which was the film progression mechanism. The simple black and white design is a must for anyone who wants a sleek yet vintage business card.

vintage-camera-photo-studio-cardImage Source

\For a vintage photographer who wants to be a bit more playful, this card is for you. The flat design of a camera from the turn of the century shows you’re a vintage photographer but it doesn’t sacrifice any design best practices. Using dark backgrounds for the contact information is an excellent way to draw your card recipient’s attention to those details.

So Many to Choose From!

There are hundreds more free photography business card templates you can find online. You can find so many creative ideas to help best convey your photography business’ brand on your business card.

For those of you who like designing on your own, you can use some of these as inspiration and design your cards in Photoshop. Or, for easy design and printing, you can design your own on Banana Print’s business card designer platform.

To learn more about designing your photography business card with Banana Print, check out our business card page.

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