“How does it look”?

This will be a common question if you’re a photographer. Before someone works with you though, the more important question is “how could it look?”. This is why you need to ensure your design will help reflect the potential quality of your work with a customer before they hire you.

Here are some things to keep in mind while creating your design.


Be specific with who you target

There’s a limit to how much you can show within a small space, so printing out a collection of photos on a single card is probably not a good idea, unless maybe you’re trying to do something clever like make a photo collage out of a collection of photos.

A lot of photographer’s business cards are ordered in multiple runs with the same contact details on one side and with different photos to emphasise the style or type of photography on the reverse, so for example if you want to come across as specialising in wedding photography then use a wedding photo on your design, or if you are handing one off to someone who wants you to photograph glamour models then give them a card with a photo of a model, this applies to family portraits and all shoots which you may be booked for.


Don’t be afraid to name drop

Have you worked with any major client’s people will have heard of? You don’t have to paste their logos all over your cards, but if you can mention a couple of big names you’ve worked for then this can serve as a talking point when you hand out your card to someone and will also help lend additional credibility to your expertise and experience.


Remember the finish

To create a certain effect with your photography and make sure your photos look their best, we recommend laminating your cards. Gloss will give you more impact on colours and a Matt laminated finish will give you a nice subtle tone. If you would like to see a sample pack before placing your order please request one from us.

Little details also can make all the difference an example of this would be rounded corners, it doesn’t have to be all 4 either and for something like a photographer’s business card it gives your customers the impression that you care about the little, smaller details which others may overlook. For particular help including starting up a photography company you can visit Startups or visit our Business Card Page with further product info and prices.


Here are some of our more photography design templates.