How to Design an Eye-Catching Letterhead

Letterheads are a common component of running a business, but their purpose goes far beyond basic communication. In fact, this simple device provides clients valuable insight into your company and what it has to offer. As a result, it’s important that you create a design that matches your business’ objectives. Find out how to design an epic letterhead, below.

What You Need to Know About Letterhead

If you’re new to the business world, you may not even know exactly what a letterhead is or its purpose. Here’s a quick review of the basics:

What is Letterhead?

A letterhead is essentially personalized stationery. Instead of simply printing out a message on a blank piece of paper, you’ll utilize thicker, high-quality material that’s already fitted with a customized design. There a variety of layouts, designs, and paper types from which to choose.

When Is It Used?

Letterheads are utilized by businesses for a variety of different reasons. Commonly, it’s used to send a greeting or response to a customer or other business. The stationery is also beneficial for attracting new clients. Basically, a company should utilize an official letterhead any time mail correspondence needs to be longer than a paragraph.

Who Needs It?

Every business needs its own letterhead. While the digital world makes communication easier, official business is better left to traditional formats. Plus, some types of messages, like legal ones, require the authority that only a personalized letter can provide.

How to Design an Eye-Catching Letterhead

Why Your Letterhead Design Is Important

Before you learn how to design a letterhead, you need to understand its value. Like with business cards, personalized stationery helps legitimize your company in the minds of customers and business partners. A quality design also expresses key qualities of a successful business, including:

  • Professionalism
  • Personality
  • Creativity

Even before they’ve learned what you have to offer, you’ve reassured the reader that your company goes above and beyond.

How to Design an Eye-Catching Letterhead

3 Tips for Creating an Impressive Letterhead

There are a few key elements of letterhead design that separate basic, boring variations from top-quality ones. If you’d like to achieve the latter, follow these three design tips:

1. Make It Functional and Aesthetically Sharp

While a letterhead isn’t typically as detailed as a leaflet or flyer, it still needs to pack a punch. Achieving this feat requires that the design provides both functional and aesthetic attributes. For the former, include these elements:

  • Company Logo
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email

You may also want to include social media handles for easy communication. However, the inclusion of this feature depends largely on your audience. An older demographic is unlikely to prioritize social media platforms over phone communication, while younger customers prefer online correspondence. To avoid wasting space, it’s important that you choose the details that are most valuable to your customers.

As a far aesthetics, you want to design a letterhead that’s appealing. Utilizing color is an excellent way to make an impact, but the presence of multiple colors and tones can quickly transform a beautiful letterhead into a messy one. As result, choose your company’s main color and only use secondary shades sparingly. You may also want to add interesting graphics and details for optimal impact.

2. Make It Legible and Clean

While there’s a lot of thought that goes into designing a letterhead, the outcome should be simple and easy to read. Don’t be afraid to add clean, crisp lines and special design touches that make your layout unique. However, leave plenty of white space on the page to avoid overtaking the main body of text.

3. Make It Distinctive

When a customer opens your letter, you want them to be instantly wowed. Adding a side column or bottom border are simple steps, but they help break up the information in a creative way. This approach will ensure that your information stands out while still maintaining its readability.

How to Design a Beautiful Letterhead

Now that you know what’s involved with a quality design, it’s time to learn about the process. Here’s how to design a beautiful letterhead in five easy steps.

How to Design an Eye-Catching Letterhead

1. Start With a User-Friendly Platform

Major graphic design programs are complicated and focus solely on the needs of professional artists. Unless you have formal training, it’s best to choose a printing service that offers a free built-in design tool. This feature is also beneficial when creating other branded materials, like stickers and labels, compliment slips, folded leaflets, and postcards.

Such equipment is user-friendly, so even the most novice designer can create an epic letterhead. Plus, it’s built right into the printer’s website so that you can move right onto the purchase process after the plan is finished. This process will save you time and prevent frustrations from learning a whole new system.

2. Choose the Right Design Template

While it’s tempting to start a design from scratch, it’s better to opt for a letterhead template. A pre-set format already contains the correct spacing, so you won’t have to battle with the layout. It can also provide you with creative details that you wouldn’t necessarily think of on your own.

Choose a letterhead template based on the vibe you’re going for and not the finished look. You’ll have the opportunity to customize it to match your needs, so don’t focus on the basic elements, like color. Instead, opt for a design that mimics your desired essence and layout.

3. Incorporate Branding

You’ll want to change the template’s colors and fonts to match your company’s branding guidelines so that you create a sense of fluidity across all of your materials. At this step, you’ll also upload the logo and add any other pieces of information. Before you move on to the next task, double check that you’ve replaced all of the template information with your company’s details.

4. Highlight Valuable Information

Next, rank the information you want to include on the letterhead based on its value to the customer. For some companies, contact information is a priority. In this case, phone, email, and social media handles should take precedence with a large font, and you may want to bold it. If branding is your key focus, place the logo, company name, and tagline front and center. By making the most valuable information larger, it helps it stand out on the page.

5. Include Creative Touches

After the basics are covered, it’s time to add a creative flair. This is the point in the process where additional graphics and design elements, like borders, are added to the layout. However, test them one at a time to determine what looks best. The goal is to stand out without overwhelming the eye, so avoid packing in too many features.

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