How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

Creating a luxury business card ensures your company is putting its best face forward. While the concept may seem straightforward, achieving the perfect finish isn’t as easy as it seems. Fortunately, there are some expert tricks and tips that are sure to take your design to the realm of opulence. Whether you run a company or are creating a personal brand, this guide outlines everything you need to know about creating luxury business cards.

What Exactly Is a Luxury Business Card?

A business card is a concise branding material that’s both eye-catching and informative. Essentially, it’s a compact version of a leaflet or flyer. It serves to offer a quick introduction for potential clients as well as enticing them to learn more. The element also ensures that a person or organization is memorable.

The term ‘luxury’ refers to a high-end finish. By creating a card that offers a sense of grandeur, you’re showcasing your business as not only reputable but also superior to competitors. The goal with the style of a card is to catch the attention of buyers and cement your company as an industry authority.

Who Can Benefit From Luxury Business Cards?

Not all business cards offer a luxurious flair, but companies across a variety of industries benefit from the extra pizazz a card can provide. It’s particularly significant for smaller businesses that are battling the marketing power of large corporations.

How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

Creating luxury business cards helps to achieve several goals, including:

  • Highlight specialized services or products
  • Stand out in a competitive industry
  • Entice a high-end demographic
  • Showcase professionalism and quality character
  • Create an image of excellence

If your goals match any of these objectives, this style of business card is right for you.

5 Key Elements of a Business Card

When designing a business card, there are various style choices that need to be made. These options are available across the board of card categories. However, certain selections create a superior ambiance that takes your luxury business card to the next level. Here are your choices:

1. Shape

Luxury cards are available in three shapes: rectangle, square, and mini. Mini variations are the newest to the industry. While they’re technically rectangles, they offer much smaller dimensions. Yet, all three shapes will help you portray a sense of elegance.

Rectangular cards are classics, and with a variety of choices and embellishments, they’ll always work well for achieving a premium finish. Squares are unique, which helps them stand out, however, they create a sense of playfulness. Fortunately, this trait works for many high-end demographics. Mini business cards, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly popular because they leave clients wanting to know more.

How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

2. Stock Material

There are a variety of card stock options available, including recycled and silk. For luxury business cards, silk boards are ideal as they offer a classy, high-end finish. You have the option of 400 grams per square meter (gsm) and 450 gsm in silk, but the latter offers a slightly heavier weight for a premium finish. You may also want to consider a specialty material, like a metallic card. Available in pearl, gold, and silver, this option offers an iridescent finish that catches the light as well as the eyes of readers.

How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

3. Sides

Business cards are available as single and double-sided. The double-sided variation works best in this situation. By covering both sides, you take advantage of the full space available, which achieves a crisp, non-cluttered presentation.

How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

4. Coating

Card designs come with either an uncoated or coated laminate finish. While lamination is an absolute must-have, there are three options available: gloss, matte, and velvet. Matte is trendy but doesn’t quite work for an upscale finish. To achieve that top-of-the-line look, opt for gloss or velvet. Gloss always makes an impact, but velvet offers an unmatched sense of luxury.

How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

5. Corners

Luxury business cards are available with two corner styles — round and square. Both styles provide a first-class finish. However, round edges are less common, so choosing this feature could help your card stand out.

How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

5 Expert Tips for Designing a Luxury Business Card

The key elements of a luxury business card are the foundation for the presentation. Some expert touches, however, can personalize the message your luxury business card will send. One of the biggest challenges of this aspect of the creation process is achieving a high-end look without falling into kitsch territory. Here are five valuable tricks to achieve a design that screams luxury and tastefulness.

How to Successfully Create a Luxury Business Card

1. Utilize a Template

Unless you have years of experience with graphic design, it’s best to start out with a business card template. The benefit of a template is that the layout is already blocked, so you don’t have to worry about spacing. Even though you’ll start with a pre-set design, you’re still able to customize it with your company’s branding. This process ensures you achieve the luxury finish without the time-consuming aspect of creating a layout from scratch.

2. Keep the Message Simple

Luxury business cards need to provide simple, concise messages. Basically, they combine the important contact information of stickers and labels with the personality of a compliment slip. As a result, you need to include these basic elements:

  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Geo-information
  • Tagline
  • Services or products

The geographical information doesn’t need to include the full address. Instead, it simply needs to provide a key point, such as region, city name, or district. If your main hub is located on a historic street, then use copy that highlights it, like “Located on Historic Maple Drive”. For services or products, don’t list out what the company offers. Instead, choose a term or short phrase that summarizes the full spectrum. If your tagline includes information that covers either geographical, industry or both, then you can avoid adding them in separately.

To test the simplicity of your luxury business card, show your design to fresh eyes. The person should know exactly what message the card is communicating within 30 seconds. If it takes longer, then try to declutter the information or try a different arrangement.

3. Incorporate Branding Guidelines

This step involves the base branding elements that are featured on your other business materials, like letterheads and folded leaflets. Nothing screams “luxury” like cohesiveness, so utilize the same logo, color palette, and typography across the board. When a person sees your branding elements, they should instantly know it’s your company.

4. Aim for a Clean, Balanced Finish

High-quality graphic design is all about balance. This trait is incredibly important for small mediums, like business cards. If you include too many colors, images, or details, it overwhelms the eye and creates a sense of chaos. Since you’re going for luxury, you want to achieve the complete opposite effect.
To do this, focus your attention on creating a sense of balance. For example, a background of dark or bright colors are beautifully balanced by light typography and vice-versa. Such contrast ensures the important details jump right off the card and into the mind of potential clients.

5. Incorporate Modern Elements

Just because business cards are tangible doesn’t mean you can’t include a touch of technology. QR codes are one of the most popular examples of this step, which is an element that’s also popular on postcards. You can create a code that directs clients to a landing page that highlights all of the information that doesn’t fit on a card, such as special deals, services or products, and a call-to-action. Or, utilize the code as a direct link to your online portfolio or resume for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor.

Hashtags are also easily incorporated into the card design because they’re small and easy to digest. If you don’t have one already, create a unique hashtag that’s short and easy to remember. Also, be sure to place it on the card along with your business’ social media handles.

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