Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings

Using personalized stickers for weddings adds a unique touch to a special occasion. You’ll find personalized stickers for weddings to be a fun, convenient, and affordable way to label many common wedding items, from invitations to centerpieces.

Stickers can become a part of the wedding décor or can be used to personalize wedding favors. Best of all, using personalized stickers for weddings designed to match the wedding’s theme and color, help give the event a cohesive look that is sure to impress wedding guests.

Personalized Stickers for Wedding Correspondence

Adding personalized stickers for wedding stationery, from save-the-date notes to thank yous, adds a high-class touch without spending a fortune.

15 Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings1. Save the Date with Personalized Stickers

Are you sending out creative save-the-dates such as refrigerator magnets, picture frames, or even a pack of gum or mints? Maybe you’re sending a bottle of bubbly wrapped in a personalized box. Whether you’re mailing postcards or leaflets, use personalized stickers for weddings to give your save-the-date the personal touch it needs.
You can also send a few stickers as the save-the-date. Guests can stick them on their wall calendar, desk calendar, or inside their planner as reminders.

2. Enhance Your Invitations with Personalized Stickers to Celebrate the Big Day

Whether you’re spending the time to design handmade invitations or having your wedding invitations printed, you can spruce up the design with personalized stickers for weddings. Stickers can add exciting 3D detail to any style of invitation.

3. Use Stickers on Your Response Cards

Make it easy for guests to RSVP by including “yes” and “no” stickers for guests to place on the response card. And when you’re done, seal it up with a fun personalized sticker that lists the bride and groom’s name, the wedding date, or a symbol that matches your wedding theme, such as a seashell for a beach wedding or g-cleft for music lovers.

4. Seal Thank You Cards with Stickers

Your guests will appreciate it when you seal thank you card envelopes with a lovely personalized sticker – and you’ll love not having to lick envelopes before mailing.

15 Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings

Tips for Using Personalized Stickers for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

From your wedding program to the menus, stickers make it easy to personalize stock printed material provided by the wedding venue.

5. Add a Fun Touch to Your Wedding Programs with Stickers

Programs are an important part of your big day. These folded leaflets or single-page flyers let guests know what to expect next at the wedding ceremony and who those adorable kids are that are holding the flowers and rings. Stickers can spruce up a simple program design, adding a touch of flair with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date.

15 Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings

6. Add Stickers to Stock Menus

Does your reception hall provide stock menus showing guests the dinner selections? Add some flair by placing a themed sticker above or below food choices.

7. Help Guests Find their Favorite Foods in a Buffet

If you’re having a buffet, consider themed stickers to tell guests exactly what they’re putting on their plate. Labeling buffet food, including key ingredients and common allergens, is especially important with food allergies so prevalent today. Using custom stickers adds a touch of style to your buffet line while clearing up any potential confusion about the food or its ingredients.

15 Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings

8. Decorate Boring Water Bottles with Personalized Labels

Wedding halls should have plenty of water on hand to keep guests hydrated – and even more if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Breathe life into water bottles with themed wedding labels. Provide permanent markers at the water stations to allow guests to write their names on the bottles, too.

9. Personalize Wedding Favors with Custom Labels

If you aren’t already thinking about using personalized stickers for your wedding favors, we have to ask, “Why not?” Use custom labels for virtually any favor, including a bottle of wine, a box of tea, candles, and more. You can also use stickers on the gift bags that hold your favors, or design custom-printed swing tags for the gift bags, and then add a sticker for a fun touch.

15 Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings

10. Replace Your Guest Book with Custom Stickers

Provide custom-designed and printed stickers for your guests to write their names, advice for the married couple, date night suggestions, or best wishes. Then hang a piece of Lucite, a blackboard, a bulletin board, or a picture frame for guests to place their stickers. You’ll have a beautiful (and useful) memento to hang in your home for years, so you can read your loved ones’ thoughts every day, instead of having them tucked away in a book you rarely open.

11. Make Photo Booth Pics Even More Fun with Personalized Stickers for Weddings

Will you have a photo booth at your wedding? If so, provide your guests with cute stickers to place on the printed photos. The stickers might include witty sayings, perhaps about how much fun they are having at your wedding.
You can also bring Instagram to life with stickers of hearts, starbursts, flowers, and other decorations. Don’t forget to include personalized stickers that display your names and the wedding date so guests can look back and remember the occasion.

12. Use Stickers for Seating Cards

15 Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings

When it’s time for guests to find their seats, of course, you want their seating cards to be themed out, too. Add stickers to printed business cards that show guests their table number or allow your seating cards to double as a small favor. For instance, place stickers inside picture frames, or place custom-printed labels on small bars of soap, votive candles, and candle holders, or mason jars filled with a treat like candy or homemade jam.

Creative Ways to Use Personalized Stickers for Wedding Decor

Think beyond flowers and mason jars when you make personalized stickers part of your wedding decor.

15 Ways To Use Personalized Stickers for Weddings13. Continue the Sticker Theme on Centerpieces

If you’re using stickers for your seating cards, continue the same theme with centerpieces that use stickers to display the table number. Whether your favors are glass (like wine bottles, fish bowls, or conventional flower vases) or wood for a rustic design, labels or vinyl stickers add a splash of color. Make it easy for guests to find their table with big, bold number stickers adorning your centerpiece.

14. Use Removable Wall Decals to Decorate the Room

Looking for a low-cost way to decorate plain walls in your wedding hall? Consider reusable vinyl stickers that display the bride and groom’s name, wedding date, and inspirational sayings, along with themed designs. Bonus? You can use the wall stickers in your own home after the wedding.

15. Re-Sticker Vinyl Records to Raise the Volume on Your Wedding Decor

Music lovers, fans of retro technology, and anyone born in the ‘80s or earlier are rocking records as part of their wedding theme. Versatile vinyl can make its way into your wedding favors, your place settings, your centerpieces – even your wedding cake.

But what would a decorative record be without a custom label? Regardless of what’s actually on the platter, re-label each record with your wedding song, names, and wedding date to add a personal touch to a popular wedding theme.

Help Your Special Day Stand Out with Personalized Stickers for Weddings

No matter what theme you choose or how much you spend on your decor, your wedding day will be special because it is uniquely yours.

Custom labels and personalized stickers for weddings are an inexpensive way to give your wedding a memorable touch.

Our personalized stickers for weddings are machine-coated for a glossy print finish and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, rectangular, and square. You can choose from hundreds of designs and then customize to fit your style, including uploading your own artwork.

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