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Our cards can come with the following features:

  • Choose from Uncoated Silk, Kraft or recycled board.
  • Single sided colour printing as standard
  • Printed & dispatched next working day.
  • Upload your own artwork, photos or logos.
  • Next day delivery to mainland UK
  • All website prices include VAT (where applicable).
  • Standard UK size - 85 x 55mm
  • Packed in rigid plastic boxes for protection.

In addition to the features above we have the following upgrades available:

  • Same day print & dispatch with next working day delivery (Express option & ordered before 2pm Mon-Fri).
  • Same day print & dispatch with next working day Delivery before 12 (Express Plus option & ordered before 2pm Mon-Fri).
  • Double sided appointment card printing.
  • Various quantities ranging from 50 - 5,000.

Appointment card info

Appointment cards are a staple of print marketing. They are incredibly useful to your customers and a great reminder for them when they’ve booked that all important haircut next friday. The all important part is their appointment will only take up one side of the card so it poses as a great opportunity to do some subtle marketing on the other side. Even adding your contact information and a small offer for their next appointment can go a long way to convince your customers to come back again.


Hairdressers and barbers are built on booking appointments with clients. From new customers walking in for the first time to rebooking customers in at the end of their hair cut your appointment helps keep everything organised. By using an appointment card you are giving your customers a physical reminder of when their next appointment is instead of relying on them to write it down when they get home or remembering when the appointment is. It also will have all your contact information for if they need to rearrange or cancel their appointment.

Beauty Salons

Much like hairdressers, beauty salons book appointments so that they can make sure they don’t book too many long treatments and not be able to fit them all in. It also means you can see exactly what you’ve got planned for the day and have staff in accordingly. By using an appointment card your customers can keep track of when their appointment is. You could also include your cancellation policy on the appointment cards so that your customers know of any fees they may incur if they were to cancel their appointment.

Car Dealerships

Selling a car can be a drawn out process especially if the customers are a bit on the fence about it and want to go away and think about it. The car may also not be ready to be driven away on the day so you would need to arrange a collection meeting for the customer to come back, check the car and collect the keys. If you write the time of the meeting on an appointment card then they have a reminder to reference so they don’t forget. You could even pop it in with the other documents and leaflets you may have given them during the initial meeting.


When you go for an eye test you could book your appointment online but you may also go into the opticians and book your eye test in person. If you were to do this you would expect some kind of appointment card with your date and time written down so that you don’t forget. At the end of your eye test if you need a new pair of glasses you will likely have to order them and come back at a later date. If this was the case as the optician it would be ideal to give your customer a card with their follow up appointment written down so that you don’t end up with multiple customers all turning up at the same time for their fitting and collection appointment.

Car Garages

Once a year most drivers need to book their car in for its annual MOT at the garage. This means that a garage could have 5 - 10 cars a day coming in and out with some needing to stay for additional work before passing the MOT. You will most likely have an online calendar that keeps track of all appointments in house but your customers can easily forget that their appointment is a week tomorrow and could use a little something that helps keep their appointment at the forefront of their mind and what better way to do this than an appointment card. You could include your contact number and a brief price list of your most popular services so that your customer has that information at hand for when they next need some work doing to their car.


An office can be a bustling environment with employees coming and going all the time and visitors arriving for meetings and sale pitches. Without proper control it can end up being very chaotic. If you have a meeting with a potential client and you book a follow up meeting for 2 weeks time, make sure you look professional by handing them a branded appointment card with your specific contact information on incase they want to get in touch with you in the meantime. If you run reception you may need a collection of appointment cards for specific members of staff so that when you book appointments in for specific employees you can give the client that specific employees appointment card.

Delivery Information

When Will I Receive My Printed Appointment Cards?

Your order will be dispatched within 1 working day and sent with a next day delivery courier. For example if you ordered your cards before midnight on Monday your order would be printed and dispatched on Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday.

How much is delivery?

So that we can keep our individual product printing prices low but our delivery quality high, we charge £4.95 for each complete order to be delivered, we use a fully tracked 24hr delivery courier for this service. Some companies inflate the price of their products and then advertise "free delivery" where in reality, they include delivery in the product price which means, you are paying delivery per item instead of per order.

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