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Our Wall Calendars can come with the following features:

  • Choose from a variety of sizes.
  • Choose between a 250gsm Silk or a recycled cover
  • Choose between a 170gsm Silk or a recycled inner pages
  • Print & dispatch within 72hrs of placing an order.
  • White metal wirobound wires to bind your Calendar.
  • Thumb cut at the top with semi circle hanger.
  • Next day delivery to mainland UK
  • All website prices include VAT (where applicable).
  • Fixed delivery charge of only £4.95 per complete order.

Even More Info

A calendar is something you probably see every day. Whether there is one pinned to your kitchen wall or sitting on your office desk, calendars are a necessity to keep you and your family organised. Without a calendar you wouldn’t know when the family Christmas party is or when that all important business meeting is coming up. When checking a calendar, it is important that the calendar looks good but is also clear so that you can see at a glance exactly what's coming up in the coming days. So, what could be better than a personalised calendar that has been designed by you for you! With a personalised calendar, you can add images of all your family or favourite dog breeds. The possibilities are endless. From gifts to SWAG for an exhibition we go through some of our favourite uses below.

Personalised gift
If you are struggling to come up with unique gift ideas for family or friends, why not give them a personalised calendar. You could include some sentimental photos of you and the gift recipient or you could include 12 of your funniest comic strips. The key is to make it personal so that it means something to you and the gift recipient. Gone are the days of a generic calendar you’ve bought from a stall at the market. Give your recipient a gift that has personal value and is also functional. Why not surprise your Valentine with a cute calendar with a compilation of the greatest photos of the pair of you. Not only does that give you great brownie points, it gives the gift a bit more meaning. They will love it.

Corporate Personalisation
Any business has an extensive calendar of events and meetings that are planned months in advance. This means every business has a need for a calendar and why not brand to keep in line with your corporate image. Have the company logo and colours or have photos of the team and products you do, you can let your imagination run wild. You can tailor it to fit the exact functionality you require and make it perfect for your business instead of improvising on a freebie sent by a supplier. It also allows you and your colleagues to work together more efficiently by seeing who has meetings when and who is on holiday when, so that you are never left short staffed.

Ultimate Family Planning
A family has a lot of different things happening each day. From birthday parties, work shifts to school holidays. All must be accounted for and sometimes calendars can get a bit crowded. With a personalised calendar you can have a column for each member of the family so that nobody gets their wires crossed. With a column for each member of the family you will clearly see who is doing what no matter the day of the month. Having a family planner that suits your family will solve many arguments. Whether you’ve booked a business meeting on the dog's birthday or invited grandma round for tea when the kids are out at a party, all is immediately solved with a clearly laid out family calendar.

If you are looking for new and exciting ideas for merchandise to sell, a calendar could be just that. If you are an artist you could feature 12 of your favourite works that represent something special that happens in each month. Alternatively, if you are a music group why not add 12 images from various photoshoots your group has had. That way each month your fans have a new photo to look at. There are so many ways you can utilise calendars as merchandise. Why not even use them as merch to promote a new event or product launch to your loyal audience. As long as it looks the part, your audience will love it.

Charity Events
When a charity is trying to raise money for their cause it can be difficult to get blind donations without donors feeling like they’re getting a little something back. This has led to charities creating different types of charity branded products to sell to donors for a profit that all goes towards the charity. A calendar is one of those products you don’t know you need until you’re looking at it so it could be just the product your charity needs. You could design the calendars so that the images show the great work your charity is doing. Maybe you could include the donation information for your charity so that your donors always have that information available if they want to donate again.

Business Conferences and Exhibitions
We’ve all been to a business exhibition before. The rows upon rows of stalls and stands of business trying to sell you something there and then. It is important to remember that customers are much more willing to part with their money if they feel they’re getting something first. If you are trying to stand out from the general blur of salesmen, you want to be giving away something that no one else is doing and a branded calendar could be that item. It stands out from the general stack of business cards and flyers your prospects are likely to receive and it’s also a useful tool they are likely to use all year round which means one thing. Your business will be hung in their office for an entire year!

For a school to run successfully, there is a lot of planning, meetings and organisation required. Calendars play a crucial part in this process and a lot of the time, a virtual outlook calendar won’t cut it. A physical calendar that can hang in the staff rooms reminding teachers of crucial staff meetings or after school courses that they must attend can be displayed for all staff to see without the need of a laptop and an internet connection. Having a branded school calendar can really make it a joy to look at. Whether you have school photos of key events in the school's history or if you have a motivational quote to keep you teachers motivated in the harder winter months, a personalised school calendar could be exactly what your school needs.

Personalised calendars can be tailored for anyone no matter the situation. Calendars are such a vital ingredient of living an organised life, it seems silly not to have one personalised for exactly what you need. Once you have one it will be impossible to imagine a world without your bespoke calendar that was designed specifically for you. If you are excited about the idea of a personalised calendar, don’t hesitate to order your bespoke calendar today! Why not browse our templates to get you started?

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You will receive your order the next working day after dispatch but remember this product takes 72hrs for us to produce. So if you ordered before midnight on Monday your order would be printed and dispatched on Thursday and delivered on Friday.

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So that we can keep our individual printing prices low but our delivery quality high, we charge £4.95 for each complete order to be delivered, we use a fully tracked 24hr delivery courier for this service. Some companies inflate the price of their products and then advertise "free delivery" where in reality, they include delivery in the price which means, you are paying delivery per carousel-item instead of per order.

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