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As standard our RSVP Cards come with:

  • Choice of 3 luxury laminated finishes.
  • 350gsm Smooth or Recycled Premium card
  • Double sided full colour printing
  • Finished size of 145mm x 102mm
  • Personalise with your own photos and text
  • Print & dispatch within 24hrs of placing an order.
  • Change text size, font & colour
  • Choose from many designs & edit to make it your own.
  • Free uploads of your own artwork or images.
  • All website prices include VAT (where applicable).
  • All our papers are FSC certified.

In addition to the features above we have the following upgrades available:

  • Diamond flap crisp white envelopes
  • Various quantities ranging from 10 - 300

Wedding RSVP Cards Info

RSVP cards are the robin to wedding invitations batman. They go hand in hand and make the perfect pair. Usually smaller than their counterparts, the RSVP card is the important part of your wedding stationery as it lets you know who is or isn’t coming to our special day. It’s usually also used for selecting any specific dietary requirements your guest may have. What should you consider in the design of your RSVP cards?

Clear indication of who is coming

It’s important that the RSVP card has space for your guests to write who is and isn’t coming. Clear tick boxes with a yes and no is an obvious choice. Sometimes including a little rhyme for each option is a popular choice to just make the RSVP card a bit more in the spirit of the occasion.

Dietary requirements

If you are including a menu in your invitation it’s important to make sure to capture your guests dietary requirements on the RSVP card. The last thing you want is your old uncle al’ having an allergic reaction to peanuts in the pudding and ruining your big day! A simple box or line for your guests to write their allergies in will allow you to cater for everybody's needs.

Return Address

It’s important that your guests know where to send their printed RSVP card once it is filled out. There are a few ways you could go about this. With your included free envelopes, you could write your return address onto them so that your guests simply fill out their RSVP card, pop it in the envelope and send it on its way. Alternatively, you could include the address onto your RSVP card so that your guests have the address to write down and send back to you.


At this point on the whirlwind of the wedding journey, you should be confident on the colour scheme you are going for on your big day so it’s important that your stationery reflects this and this includes your RSVP card design. Incorporate your colours and if you’re super prepared you could include some nice images of the types of flowers you’re going to have on the big day. Just be sure that the design matches the rest of your stationery to give a consolidated and sophisticated look.

Why would I need RSVP Cards?

It’s a valid question especially in a digital age where a simple text or email is a 30 second job. But by answering a question with a question, what are you more likely to open, a letter or an email? Emails and messages used to be something that we were excited to receive when they first came about but now they’re a nuisance. The opposite can be said for physical mail. Receiving something in the post is now more exciting than ever and you are likely to open everything. So sending your guests their invitation in the post to then receive a physical yes or no back in the form of a printed RSVP card is a really exciting experience. Waiting for your postman to arrive to see how many people replied today can make the wedding experience even more exciting than it is already!

What extra details could I include?

If you have some extra space that you want to use on your RSVP card you could include hotel information or information about the dress code perhaps. This is especially useful when you’re running out of space on your other parts of wedding stationery. Be sure to utilise the space on all your stationery so that you give your guests as much information as possible.

How should I design my RSVP Card?

Excellent question! If you don’t have access to the professional design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, illustrator or inDesign, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily for you, you can design your RSVP Cards online with our design studio! With plenty of templates to choose from, you can get a starting point then make it your own online. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and let your creativity take you.

Delivery Information and FAQs

When Will I Receive My Order?

Your RSVP Cards order will be dispatched within 1 working day and then sent with a next day delivery courier. For example if you ordered before midnight on Monday your order would be printed and dispatched on Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday.

How much is delivery?

So that we can keep our individual printing prices low but our delivery quality high, we charge £4.95 for each complete order to be delivered, we use a fully tracked 24hr delivery courier for this service. Some companies inflate the price of their products and then advertise "free delivery" when in reality, they include delivery in the price which means, you are paying delivery per item instead of per order.

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