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As standard our Thank You Cards come with:

  • Choice of 3 luxury laminated finishes.
  • 350gsm Smooth or Recycled Premium card
  • Double sided full colour printing
  • Finished size of 145mm x 102mm
  • Personalise with your own photos and text
  • Print & dispatch within 24hrs of placing an order.
  • Change text size, font & colour
  • Choose from many designs & edit to make it your own.
  • Free uploads of your own artwork or images.
  • All website prices include VAT (where applicable).
  • All our papers are FSC certified.

In addition to the features above we have the following upgrades available:

  • Diamond flap crisp white envelopes
  • Various quantities ranging from 10 - 300

Wedding Thank You Cards Info

The big day is done! The buzz from your wedding day is a feeling that will last for weeks and will hopefully stay in the memories of your loved ones for years to come. As much as the special day is about you and your significant other, your guests really do make the day feel extra special and that’s why at the end of it all it is important to say thank you. Thank you cards are perfect for doing just that. But what do you include and when do you send them to your guests? Let's go through some of the most common questions now.

The Card Design

By now, you’ll have sent and used all sorts of printed stationery for your wedding day, so keep the thank you cards on theme for the best approach. Use your wedding's colour theme and maybe include illustrations of the flowers you chose for the big day. Make sure to leave space to write onto the thank you cards too. The thank you cards we offer are designed to complement your wedding theme perfectly. With a choice of three luxury laminated finishes, you can select the one that best reflects your style and taste. Our 350gsm Smooth or Recycled Premium card provides a high-quality base for double-sided full-colour printing.
Measuring 145mm x 102mm, our thank you cards offer ample space for personalization. You can add photos and text, making each card unique. Our user-friendly design tools allow you to easily change the text size, font, and colour to suit your preferences.

Personalised thank you cards

It’s important to make each guest feel valued for coming; an easy way to do that is to personalise the thank you card. Maybe you could leave a space to write their names in and maybe a space to add appreciation about any gifts they may have got you to celebrate your big day. Adding these little details to your thank you cards is going to make your guests feel much more appreciated and that you actually wanted them to share the special day with you.


Chances are, when you got married, you had a photographer, maybe even a videographer! Unfortunately, moving pictures haven't been transferred to print yet however, the thank you card could be a fantastic time to share your favourite picture from the wedding day. Put the picture on the front with your names and all the other content thanking your guests on the back so that it’s something your guests can keep and frame if they want to. Choose a picture of you and your significant other or maybe you got a group photo with everyone from the big day. Putting a group photo could also be a great who's who.

Qr codes

When your photographer has finished editing your photos, they usually upload the photos to a portal for you to view them online. From here you can usually download images and order prints of photos. Why not create a QR code linking to this portal and include it with login details on your thank you cards. That way, your guests will all have a reference to access memories from the big day. You could also set up a QR code to a website or app that allows your guests to upload their own photos of the day so you can see the wedding through different guests' eyes. There are a lot of apps that do this for free and it can be a great way for people to share their experiences of the day.

When should I send out my Thank you Cards?

Once your wedding day is all over the likelihood is you are going straight on a dream honeymoon for an extended period of time. This also gives your photographer enough time to edit and process the hundreds of photos they would have taken on the day. Once you are back from your honeymoon and everything is accounted for, you may want to start looking at sending out your thank you cards. Despite there not being any right or wrong time to send these out, leaving it 3-4 weeks before sending them out seems to be a usual time period for your printed thank you cards. As you start planning your thank you cards, take a moment to reflect on the cherished memories from your big day. Consider including a picture of you and your significant other or even a group photo capturing the joy shared by everyone. This will serve as a heartfelt reminder of the special moments and give your guests a chance to reminisce.
Why not take it a step further and add a touch of modern technology? Create QR codes that link to an online portal where your guests can access all the edited wedding photos. By including these codes in your thank you cards along with login details, you provide

What should I say on my thank you cards?

A simple ‘thank you’ may feel a bit flat after such a spectacular day so how you say thank you can be really important. How about a nice poem that sums up the day's events or why don’t you bring out your humorous side by reminiscing about the drunken escapades that unravelled during the evening. With a wedding being such a happy occasion, it seems right to keep that tone running through to your thank you cards with a heartfelt and light message to your guests for sharing your special day.

Who should get a thank you card?

It may be easy to assume that not everyone needs a thank you card, and you should reserve them for those who gave gifts or money contributions to a honeymoon, but this shouldn’t be the case. Your wedding is a day of coming together, and it’s a privilege that every guest attended your wedding. Being thanked for simply being there could go a long way, especially for more distant relatives that you don’t see very often. Be generous, appreciate all your guests, and celebrate the day one last time with them. After your wedding day, a flood of emotions and cherished memories remain in your heart. You want to extend your appreciation to all those who made the celebration truly remarkable. While a simple 'thank you' might seem insufficient, there are various ways to make your gratitude resonate deeply with your loved ones. Consider adding a touch of modern technology to your thank you cards. Why not create QR codes that lead to an online portal? By sharing these codes and login details, you allow your guests to relive those beautiful moments captured on the big day.

Delivery Information and FAQs

When Will I Receive My Order?

Your Thank You Cards order will be dispatched within 1 working day and then sent with a next day delivery courier. For example if you ordered before midnight on Monday your order would be printed and dispatched on Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday.

How much is delivery?

So that we can keep our individual printing prices low but our delivery quality high, we charge £4.95 for each complete order to be delivered, we use a fully tracked 24hr delivery courier for this service. Some companies inflate the price of their products and then advertise "free delivery" when in reality, they include delivery in the price which means, you are paying delivery per item instead of per order.

Do people still send wedding thank you notes?

Yes, people still send thank you notes. Despite the advancement in technology and the rise of instant messaging, the act of sending a handwritten card remains a cherished tradition. It allows for a personal touch and shows genuine appreciation for someone's kindness or generosity. Sending appreciation notes makes the recipient feel valued and acknowledged, creating a lasting impression. In a world filled with digital communication, writing and sending a physical card is a meaningful gesture that will leave a lasting impact.

Are there any common mistakes to avoid when writing a card?

When it comes to writing thank you cards there are a few common mistakes that you should avoid. Firstly, make sure to address the recipient correctly and use their name instead of a generic greeting. This shows that you took the time to personalize the card. Secondly, be specific in your message and mention the gift or act of kindness that you are thanking them for. This shows that you truly appreciate their gesture. Thirdly, keep your message concise and heartfelt. Avoid rambling or using clichés, as this can come across as insincere. Lastly, proofread your card before sending it to your recipient. Mistakes can be costly and embarrassing.

What is the meaning of thank you card?

A thank you card is a physical form of expressing gratitude and appreciation towards someone for their kindness, support, or generosity. It is a heartfelt way to acknowledge someone for their actions or gifts. Thank you cards carry a deeper meaning, showing that the sender took the time and effort to express their gratitude personally and meaningfully. They convey genuine appreciation and create a lasting impression on the recipient, strengthening relationships and fostering goodwill.

What creative and unique ideas for designing wedding thank you cards?

When it comes to designing wedding thank you cards, there are endless creative and unique ideas that can make your cards stand out. One idea is to incorporate a photo from your wedding day, capturing a special moment and adding a personal touch. Another idea is to use calligraphy or hand-lettering for the text, giving your cards an elegant and artistic look. You can also consider using custom-made stamps or wax seals to add a touch of sophistication. If you want a more whimsical approach, include small illustrations or watercolour elements that reflect your wedding theme. Remember, the key is to create a design that resonates with your wedding theme and showcases your gratitude in a memorable way. By thinking outside the box and incorporating personal touches, you can create wedding thank you cards that are both creative and meaningful.

Do you have any tips for expressing genuine gratitude in a thank you card without sounding too generic?

When expressing genuine gratitude in a thank you card, it's important to be specific and personal. Instead of using generic phrases like "thank you for everything," mention the specific actions, gifts, or support that you are grateful for. Be sincere and heartfelt in your words, sharing how their kindness or generosity made a difference in your life. Adding a personal anecdote or memory can make your gratitude more genuine. Lastly, take the time to write legibly and proofread your card before sending it to ensure your message comes across as sincere and thoughtful.

What are some creative and unique ideas for designing wedding thank you cards?

When it comes to designing your wedding stationery, the possibilities are endless. One idea is to incorporate a collage of candid photos from your wedding day, capturing different moments and creating a visual storytelling experience. Another unique idea is creating a pop-up card that unfolds into a miniature replica of your wedding venue or a scene representing your relationship. If you want to add a touch of elegance, consider using metallic foiling or embossing on your cards for added texture and visual appeal. Alternatively, you can personalise your wedding stationery after having it printed by hand-stitching a small fabric patch onto it, representing individuality..

Can you offer some help with what to write on the cards:

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your presence, generous gift, and kind wishes. Your contribution in making our wedding day unforgettable is deeply appreciated.

We are grateful for your presence and generous gift, which added to the joyful atmosphere of our wedding. Thank you for joining us on our special day! Your love, support, and well wishes made our celebration complete.

We are incredibly grateful for your presence on our wedding day, which significantly created an unforgettable experience. It was truly meaningful to us that we could share this special occasion with you. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Your presence at our wedding meant the world to us, and we cannot thank you enough for being there to celebrate with us. Your generous gift is truly appreciated and will be cherished as a reminder of this joyous occasion. Your kind wishes filled our hearts with happiness, and we are grateful for the love and support you have shown us. We are so fortunate to have such amazing family and friends like you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to you for attending our wedding and for the thoughtful gift you gave us. Your love, support and well wishes meant everything to us.

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The ordering process was straightforward, and I received my order within a few days. Plus, the pricing was very reasonable compared to other companies offering similar products and the quality was wonderful. Our guests loved them!

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