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Makeup & Beauty business cards

Picking the right makeup artist or beautician can be a nerve racking experience for someone, especially if they’re choosing one for a big day like a wedding.

As a beautician you need to communicate with your customer with positive reinforcement and give reassurance that you know what you’re doing and are to be trusted, so a card card-body put together beauty business card which emphasises your expertise is crucial.

Being a busy person means it’s easy to overlook some key points when designing your cards, so here are a few tips which may be helpful to keep in mind.


Showcase your work

Putting some of your best work on your card will help potential customers visualise themselves looking amazing and help you showcase your talent.

The best imagery you can possibly get will help you put your best foot forward, but the addition of lamination will also help bring out the colours and make your photos look even more stunning.


Be personal

We all like to know who we’re dealing with when it comes to something as personal as beauty, so either putting a photo of yourself on the card or pointing your customers to a social media profile can help reassure your customers so they feel more comfortable working with you.


Remember your key points

Your customers will be looking for key things they want to know when picking a beautician, which may include:

  • are you using current techniques?
  • do you offer a guarantee?
  • do you cater for a variety of customers? (e.g.: bridal, hen parties, retail models, etc)
  • are you DBS/CRB checked if you cater for children?


Be creative

Applying makeup is an art form, so you want your cards to reflect your artistic side. Will you pay attention to small design details like rounded corners if it lends itself card card-body with your design? Click here for our Business Card Page with further product info and prices on.


Below are some of our more popular designs: